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Ash: “Come on brother get into the Christmas spirit!”
Augus: “Water horses don’t celebrate holidays!”
Ash: ” So? You are already wearing green anyway….Here wear this.”
* places a santa hat on augus’ s head*
Augus: *GROWL*
Ash: ” hmmm I figured you were more of a scrooge character anyway…”

And that was the day that Augus made Ash blood oath never to bother Augus with human holidays ever again……(unless it was augus’ s birthday of course)

Not poignant’s chacracters Ash and Augus! Oh boy I got a really cool touch screen tablet for chritsmas. Here is a drawing I made with the photoshop it comes with. Im still getting used to it though. I took a screen shot of the sketch. Ah new technology and me dont get along so well…..Sorry for hijacking your characters not poignant.

Happy holidays everyone!

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